best makeup foundation

Eternal Dilemma Which Make-Up Base is Right for My Skin Type?

We have four options at the time of acquiring our foundation makeup:

  • LIQUID: There is for all skin types, but it is optimal for dry skins. Leaves a natural finish and is easy to apply.
  • CREAM: Ideal for dry or mature skin. It provides a high coverage, making it ideal for covering imperfections.
  • MINERAL: Highly recommended for sensitive skin or skin with tendency to acne. It offers medium coverage and a natural finish.
  • POWDER: The best choice for oily or combination skin Provides maximum coverage. And its application is very fast.

Let’s start by saying that the most suitable make-up shade is the closest to my natural skin tone in any case half a shade darker.

Make-up bases should always be tested on the skin of the face. The best technique is to distribute a small amount of three products on the cheek, in vertical lines from the
cheekbone to the chin.

The ones that are obviously lighter or darker than your skin are eliminated, the idea is to mimic makeup and skin and be one. If you have trouble choosing between two shades, which look very similar to your skin, choose the lighter one.

leather dress at met gala afterparty

Ashley Graham’s Leather Dress at the Met’s Afterparty is All You Need

Leaving the heavenly moment completely aside, the model went to the afterparty organized by Versace with a design that was much more comfortable and even suitable for replication among poor mortals. We talked about a little black leather dress in the word of honor that, after the Catholic theme of the gala, was a breath of fresh air bringing a very rocky point to the look. With a corset-style top, this is an ultra sexy dress that, thanks to its tight fit and cleavage, is perfect for girls with curves. In fact, it reminds us quite a bit of that LBD that Rihanna wore last April for a makeup presentation, and that reminds us so much of that dress that you felt so powerful in the 2000s.

And the fact is that the leather dress seemed to have been relegated to the background in recent years, due in part to the rise of naked dresses and other variants. However, when we see celebrities like Ashley Graham or Rihanna with this kind of design, we remember why we liked this fabric so much: because, indeed, they make us feel super powerful. This is a garment that enhances the curves – whether you have many or few – to their fullest potential without the need for a major complication. If you have a good tan that enhances your legs, as is the case with Graham, much better. Really, with this kind of dress little more is needed, and the proof, again, is in the model: some minimal sandals are the only accessory she needed and, as a final point, a crucifix pendant, thought to remind us of the theme of the gala (and the fact that religion can also be rock).

So yes, it’s definitely time to dust off that leather dress next weekend and go dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

how to wear white boots

You still Don’t Dare Wear the White Boots? This Basic Guide May Help

Every few seasons, a shoe trend floods our lives with almost no air left for others. A phenomenon that sweeps wherever it goes, there is no celebrity who does not wear it or street style that does not resist it.

Since last year, the trend of white boots has been gaining ground. Keeping them pristine, creating status with a single glance has never been easier: if they’re impeccable, you’ve probably never been on the street before (let alone the Metro). The tendency you always swore you would never wear has crept into your life and we know why (and how). These are the keys to finding it, carrying it and understanding it.

Kendall Jenner, Heidi Klum and even Queen Rania of Jordan have already pointed out the phenomenon of white boots in all their versions, from leather cowboy to the 60s type patent leather to mid-leg, this striking shoe has broken with the prejudices that have been chasing them since the eighties. Now you can (and do) have to invest in a couple and take them with you almost everything. Word on the catwalk.

A showcase of options that at first glance seems complicated to carry but that since the presentation of the proposals for spring-summer 2018 slipped into the world’s most exclusive collections, showrooms and shop windows, and that now, almost a year later, floods Instagram and the street style photos of international celebrities (and some royalty).

The’blame’ was on Chanel

Whose fault is that? Diving in the parades that twelve months ago set the tone for what we would wear today, we have confirmed what we remembered: Chanel, CĂ©line, Balenciaga, Calvin Klein and Jean Paul Gaultier flooded their catwalks in Paris and New York with this now essential accessory, and after their steps, Fendi and Miu Miu got on board with their proposals.

Different versions of the same perfect spring footwear that combines both haute couture with its more classic versions and with jeans and bandana scarves in its reinterpretation cowboy, so powerful this season.

The result: a viral phenomenon, adaptable to every style and perfect to take from morning to night to which, of course, our most influential it girls have already succumbed.

white boots street styleKendall Jenner
Combining it with the cowboy trend, Kendall Jenner integrates the white boots in a total white look in which the neon print of the t-shirt provides the color note. An informal outfit that combines with a retro, nine-star look, with virtually no makeup and with the hair folded up in a disheveled bow tie. Perfect for Saturday morning errands.


Heidi Klum
The international top has been another of the celebrities who have already succumbed to this trend. On this occasion, Heidi Klum is committed to applying this trend in a street style at night. Like Kendall, it combines it once again with the cowboy trend where worn jeans with torn knees and fringed jackets complete an outstanding look.


guide to wear white bootsRania of Jordan
Not only international models and celebrities dare to take up this trend. The latest to join (bold as it may seem) has been the very elegant Rania of Jordan, who has always defined herself as passionate about fashion and its risky trends. Just a couple of weeks ago she gave us a real lesson in style by combining them with a red shirt dress for an act.


Dare without ruining yourself
Now that it is more or less clear how you can succeed with this trend as if you were a real expert in the field, the big question arises: is it worth investing in a 500 euro pair of boots? For many of us, the answer was probably a resounding refusal, more for lack of budget than for the desire and excitement of the moment.

kaia gerber wearing little black dress

Little Black Dress: The latest trend from the hand of the It Girl Millennial

The watchmaker Omega knew what it was doing when it hired young Kaia Gerber as the image of its 2018 campaign. That became very clear when we saw the images from the photocall. And she does it again now, at the presentation of the new women’s watch “Tresor” in Berlin, where the model reminded us of the powerful sophistication of a simple black dress. Again, a little black dress with the ability to capture all the spotlights.

With the arrival of summer, everything seems to be asking for color, shine, and striking prints. But it girl millennial has inspired us with her total black from head to toe, reminding us that a black dress is always a hit. Especially if it is such a characteristic Versace proposal, with a studded bra design in the neckline area to give it that sexy look that the Italian brand dominates perfectly.

A little black dress from Versace is only complete with shoes from the same brand and the same rocker look full of studs. That’s why the 16-year-old model has combined it with those daring gold-plated sandals. He needed little more to shine: his wet hair on one side with sensual waves and the Omega Tresor watch that was being promoted at the party.


young influencer millie bobby brown

Millie Bobby Brown Became the Youngest Influential Figure of 100 According to Time magazine.

The list is headed by personalities like Meghan Markle, Rihanna or Nicole Kidman, but it wouldn’t be fair to stay there… Especially since little Millie Bobby Brown has just achieved something that most celebrities take decades to achieve (or even never do).

The young actress has been considered one of the 100 most influential people of the year by TIME magazine, equating her with the women mentioned above. And we weren’t really surprised: Millie has just turned 14 and has already made history for her role as Eleven in the successful Stranger Things series.

With his character, she has won not only the affection of the audience but also critical acclaim and several film awards. And that hasn’t been his only achievement, because with his public appearances, she has also become a style icon in the world of fashion. His daring and age-appropriate stylistic style has always been a breakthrough and has conquered the whole world.

Of course, this category that TIME magazine now gives her does not come alone, but with a loaf of bread under her arm that was announced a few weeks ago: the actress will earn more than her male companions in the cast of the series, breaking the salary gap so characteristic of the world of cinema.

kendall jenner and diplo at coachella

Kendall Jenner and Diplo could be a Thing? What do you say, Yes or Nah?

Kendall Jenner has also gone through the second weekend of the Coachella festival, not only to enjoy the atmosphere but also to participate in a party celebrating the launch of the Kourtney Kardashian line within Kylie Cosmetics. The surprise came precisely at this event, to which Diplo, one of the most sought-after and sexy producers of all time, was also invited.

He even shared a picture on Instagram of his meeting (more or less), as if to minimize it. However, witnesses say they were fooling around all night, in a very loving attitude.

The people who were present that night say that they were together throughout the party, that they flirted continuously and that their body language was quite obvious: they kept hugging and touching each other.

All this coincides with the fact that Kendall has already broken up with the basketball player Blake Griffin, with whom he had a discreet relationship. What’s more, last weekend they met at Coachella although they tried to stay away from each other at all times. Yeah, the model is single again.

Diplo, 39, is also quite discreet about his love life but is known to have no partner at the moment. The DJ is one of the most sought-after singles and she seemed very flattered by the attention she was showing him.