leather dress at met gala afterparty

Ashley Graham’s Leather Dress at the Met’s Afterparty is All You Need

Leaving the heavenly moment completely aside, the model went to the afterparty organized by Versace with a design that was much more comfortable and even suitable for replication among poor mortals. We talked about a little black leather dress in the word of honor that, after the Catholic theme of the gala, was a breath of fresh air bringing a very rocky point to the look. With a corset-style top, this is an ultra sexy dress that, thanks to its tight fit and cleavage, is perfect for girls with curves. In fact, it reminds us quite a bit of that LBD that Rihanna wore last April for a makeup presentation, and that reminds us so much of that dress that you felt so powerful in the 2000s.

And the fact is that the leather dress seemed to have been relegated to the background in recent years, due in part to the rise of naked dresses and other variants. However, when we see celebrities like Ashley Graham or Rihanna with this kind of design, we remember why we liked this fabric so much: because, indeed, they make us feel super powerful. This is a garment that enhances the curves – whether you have many or few – to their fullest potential without the need for a major complication. If you have a good tan that enhances your legs, as is the case with Graham, much better. Really, with this kind of dress little more is needed, and the proof, again, is in the model: some minimal sandals are the only accessory she needed and, as a final point, a crucifix pendant, thought to remind us of the theme of the gala (and the fact that religion can also be rock).

So yes, it’s definitely time to dust off that leather dress next weekend and go dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

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