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Eternal Dilemma Which Make-Up Base is Right for My Skin Type?

We have four options at the time of acquiring our foundation makeup:

  • LIQUID: There is for all skin types, but it is optimal for dry skins. Leaves a natural finish and is easy to apply.
  • CREAM: Ideal for dry or mature skin. It provides a high coverage, making it ideal for covering imperfections.
  • MINERAL: Highly recommended for sensitive skin or skin with tendency to acne. It offers medium coverage and a natural finish.
  • POWDER: The best choice for oily or combination skin Provides maximum coverage. And its application is very fast.

Let’s start by saying that the most suitable make-up shade is the closest to my natural skin tone in any case half a shade darker.

Make-up bases should always be tested on the skin of the face. The best technique is to distribute a small amount of three products on the cheek, in vertical lines from the
cheekbone to the chin.

The ones that are obviously lighter or darker than your skin are eliminated, the idea is to mimic makeup and skin and be one. If you have trouble choosing between two shades, which look very similar to your skin, choose the lighter one.

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