how to wear white boots

You still Don’t Dare Wear the White Boots? This Basic Guide May Help

Every few seasons, a shoe trend floods our lives with almost no air left for others. A phenomenon that sweeps wherever it goes, there is no celebrity who does not wear it or street style that does not resist it.

Since last year, the trend of white boots has been gaining ground. Keeping them pristine, creating status with a single glance has never been easier: if they’re impeccable, you’ve probably never been on the street before (let alone the Metro). The tendency you always swore you would never wear has crept into your life and we know why (and how). These are the keys to finding it, carrying it and understanding it.

Kendall Jenner, Heidi Klum and even Queen Rania of Jordan have already pointed out the phenomenon of white boots in all their versions, from leather cowboy to the 60s type patent leather to mid-leg, this striking shoe has broken with the prejudices that have been chasing them since the eighties. Now you can (and do) have to invest in a couple and take them with you almost everything. Word on the catwalk.

A showcase of options that at first glance seems complicated to carry but that since the presentation of the proposals for spring-summer 2018 slipped into the world’s most exclusive collections, showrooms and shop windows, and that now, almost a year later, floods Instagram and the street style photos of international celebrities (and some royalty).

The’blame’ was on Chanel

Whose fault is that? Diving in the parades that twelve months ago set the tone for what we would wear today, we have confirmed what we remembered: Chanel, CĂ©line, Balenciaga, Calvin Klein and Jean Paul Gaultier flooded their catwalks in Paris and New York with this now essential accessory, and after their steps, Fendi and Miu Miu got on board with their proposals.

Different versions of the same perfect spring footwear that combines both haute couture with its more classic versions and with jeans and bandana scarves in its reinterpretation cowboy, so powerful this season.

The result: a viral phenomenon, adaptable to every style and perfect to take from morning to night to which, of course, our most influential it girls have already succumbed.

white boots street styleKendall Jenner
Combining it with the cowboy trend, Kendall Jenner integrates the white boots in a total white look in which the neon print of the t-shirt provides the color note. An informal outfit that combines with a retro, nine-star look, with virtually no makeup and with the hair folded up in a disheveled bow tie. Perfect for Saturday morning errands.


Heidi Klum
The international top has been another of the celebrities who have already succumbed to this trend. On this occasion, Heidi Klum is committed to applying this trend in a street style at night. Like Kendall, it combines it once again with the cowboy trend where worn jeans with torn knees and fringed jackets complete an outstanding look.


guide to wear white bootsRania of Jordan
Not only international models and celebrities dare to take up this trend. The latest to join (bold as it may seem) has been the very elegant Rania of Jordan, who has always defined herself as passionate about fashion and its risky trends. Just a couple of weeks ago she gave us a real lesson in style by combining them with a red shirt dress for an act.


Dare without ruining yourself
Now that it is more or less clear how you can succeed with this trend as if you were a real expert in the field, the big question arises: is it worth investing in a 500 euro pair of boots? For many of us, the answer was probably a resounding refusal, more for lack of budget than for the desire and excitement of the moment.

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