kendall jenner and diplo at coachella

Kendall Jenner and Diplo could be a Thing? What do you say, Yes or Nah?

Kendall Jenner has also gone through the second weekend of the Coachella festival, not only to enjoy the atmosphere but also to participate in a party celebrating the launch of the Kourtney Kardashian line within Kylie Cosmetics. The surprise came precisely at this event, to which Diplo, one of the most sought-after and sexy producers of all time, was also invited.

He even shared a picture on Instagram of his meeting (more or less), as if to minimize it. However, witnesses say they were fooling around all night, in a very loving attitude.

The people who were present that night say that they were together throughout the party, that they flirted continuously and that their body language was quite obvious: they kept hugging and touching each other.

All this coincides with the fact that Kendall has already broken up with the basketball player Blake Griffin, with whom he had a discreet relationship. What’s more, last weekend they met at Coachella although they tried to stay away from each other at all times. Yeah, the model is single again.

Diplo, 39, is also quite discreet about his love life but is known to have no partner at the moment. The DJ is one of the most sought-after singles and she seemed very flattered by the attention she was showing him.


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