Badoo Lookalikes

Looking to Date a Celebrity?

Badoo Lookalikes

Just when you think Badoo can’t get any better, it does. It has just added a new feature that will make you fall in love all over again. Badoo’s new feature allows you to search for celebrity lookalikes from all over the world. It helps you search for single people who look like your favorite celebrities.

Have you dreamed of dating Rihanna or Beyoncé? Badoo’s dating app wants to fulfill our widest dream, that’s why they invented this new feature. It makes it possible to look for Scarlet Johansson’s doppelganger; going on a date with the girl of your dreams doesn’t have to be a dream.

How does it work?

It is called Badoo Lookalikes and was just launched. Just look for the option in your Badoo Dating App and start searching.

This new addition to the world’s greatest dating app, uses facial recognition technology in order to provide their users with a list of celebrity lookalikes. Users can skim down a long list of lookalikes and fulfill their heart’s desires.

Some of the most popular female lookalikes searched for are Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashain, Beyonce and Kylie Jenner. The most searched for males are Barack Obama (don’t ask me why), Kevin Durant, Chris Evans and Chris Pratt. Who will you search for?

What else does this new feature do?

It does so much more than just searching for celebrity lookalikes. You can upload pictures of ex-girlfriends or your old high school sweetheart that you just can’t get out of your mind. The facial recognition technology installed in the application will search for a list of lookalikes. It’s easy, just upload the picture, hit search then scroll the long list of lookalikes. Will you try this out? I know I will!

Dating apps are trying new ways to keep us interested in what they have to offer, so they are always coming up with exciting new features to help us feel more connected to those around us.

For example, another fascinating feature is being able to find people that hate the same things as you. Doesn’t that sound like a match made in heaven?

Once we connect online and are ready to move past messaging, comes the big day of meeting face-to-face. Now comes the biggest challenge, finding the perfect spot for the first date.

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